LM Biogas Service

Limited Liability Company LM Biogas Service was founded on 30th of October 2015 and has been registered in the Commercial Register.

LLC LM Biogas Service provides services to biogas production units with cogeneration plants, in Latvia, Baltics, Europe and UK. We perform general inspection, cleaning, assemble/dismantle necessary parts and repair/change any part necessary for your biogas production units. We operate 21 biogas stations across Latvia.

Despite the fact that LLC LM Biogas Service was founded only on 30th of October 2015, we have been in contact with operation of biogas stations and the process with them since 2012.

We became a member of Latvian Biogas Association from 1st of March 2016.

LLC LM Biogas Service employees are competent in their field, they perform their duties dutifully and thoroughly, and are ready to help resolve any problems related to operation of biogas stations.

(For more information on how we operate, see website section Services)